prelude books_cellos_5.inddLife, Death and Cellos is my first novel, published by Farrago Books and is out on 24 January. You can order it directly from Farrago, or on Hive (which donates to an independent bookshop local to you when you order), or on Amazon.

The Stockwell Park Orchestra faces financial ruin after a guest conductor drops dead on stage, squashing and injuring their primary benefactor. In a tale marrying the insight of Sue Townsend with the farcical humour of John O Farrell, a priceless cello is abducted, a conductor is stranded on the wrong side of the Atlantic, and Erin the cellist stumbles (eventually) on her true calling in life.


Bold As Brass cover

Bold as Brass continues the Stockwell Park Orchestra series. It will be published on 11 July 2019, and you can pre-order it now.

When players in Stockwell Park Orchestra fear they may be getting out of touch with their local community, they invite children from two nearby schools to join them for a season. Supercilious, rich Oakdean College pupils have never mixed with the rough Sunbridge Academy kids, and when things go missing and rumours spread, the situation threatens to turn ugly. And that’s before any parents – or a godfather who happens to be a famous composer – get involved. DCI Noel Osmar has to tread carefully. After all, he’s off duty.

Can music heal social rifts? Who has been stealing and why? And will orchestra administrator Pearl have to go to Waitrose for some Duchy Original biscuits to keep the peace?



Don’t Ask, my poetry collection, came out in 2017 with Eyewear Publishing. If you would like to buy a signed copy directly from me, please get in touch via the Contact page. Otherwise, you can get it directly from Eyewear, or Amazon, or please consider using Hive, which will send it to you as well as making a donation to an independent bookshop local to you.