Radio advert for Continental Riff

The ad I talked about last time is now running on Classic FM for a month, to spread the word about publication of Continental Riff. If you’re not in the London or south of England regions, I’m afraid you won’t be able to catch it. However, Rob Wilding at Farrago has put it up on their site for a limited time.

I realised it had already started working when my neighbour hailed me from across the street last weekend, to say he had heard it and was going to order a copy.

Hop over there to listen if you like. The music bubbling along under Simon’s voice is the end of Strauss’s first horn concerto, which features in the book. [15th Feb additional note: this link has been deactivated because we only had a license to broadcast it for a month while it was playing on Classic FM]

And if you fancy buying a copy, that would also be brilliant. Thank you!