Don’t Ask – reprint

A small post blowing my own trumpet. As the great Prince once wrote:

prince2It’s your time (time)
You got the horn so why don’t you blow it

Let’s not allow the details of brass instrument specifics to come between us. Or indeed filthy double ententres.

While I’ve been off doing other things since Don’t Ask was published a couple of months ago, people have apparently been buying it. Some have even been reading it, and tweeting lovely things. Thank you if you have. If you haven’t, there is still time.

My head is now firmly in my new comedy script and novel, so when I got an email this morning from Eyewear saying it has nearly sold out and they were about to reprint I was surprised, delighted and quite sweary. I’ve apologised to my dog.

So congratulations if you own one of the soon-to-be rare first editions. Feel free to recommend it to anyone else. If you’d like a signed copy, drop me a line and we can sort it out:

otherwise it’s available from Eyewear or Amazon or anywhere you usually buy/order your books from.

Already starting to write things for the Difficult Second One.