I began my writing career adapting Asterix books as weekly plays for my class, then evolved my tum-ti-tum ballad style with a moving epic about the death of Lord Mountbatten. Surviving years of morbid teenage love poetry, I forgot about writing for a bit and went to work in the City. Fifteen years later I saw sense, moved to the Highlands and wrote my first novel and some more poems.

cover_rogers_defMy first poetry collection, Don’t Ask, came out in February 2017 with Eyewear Publishing. Poems have been published individually in various places (including Poetry, Poetry Wales, Under the Radar and Mslexia) – info here. I won the 2014 Cardiff International Poetry Competition and was twice shortlisted in the Charles Causley poetry prize. I was Hampshire Poet Laureate 2016.

After finding an agent for the first novel and getting overly excited, absolutely nothing happened. A second novel is slowly being improved. A third is brewing.

There’ll be new blog post every time I think of something interesting. They may not be entirely serious.

I have a couple of radio plays and a sitcom loitering in a drawer. I don’t practise the cello enough. Can sing a top C. Make a lot of cake. Have won the coveted Foyles’ Friday #bookgame on Twitter, twice. That’s probably all you need to know.

Isabel_2Nov_052_sImage: Paul Clarke paulclarke.com