The Cello Museum’s book club

by isabelrogers

This Sunday 31st January I am honoured to be the first guest at The Cello Museum‘s new Book Club. The live online event is at 8pm UK time, to make it possible for the Museum’s curators, Brenda Neece and Erica Lessie, to join from New York and Chicago, as well as to be vaguely possible for early risers in Australia! The Museum is an online forum for anyone with an interest in cellos, with fantastic articles and news features available to access from anywhere.

Brenda asked me because she said Life, Death and Cellos had the best title for any cello fiction she had ever read, and the book made her laugh. We’ll be chatting about how my musical background gave me the inside knowledge of how to write about an orchestra, and whatever else comes up.

I’ll answer any questions people throw at me. There will also be a raffle for a signed set of all three of my Stockwell Park Orchestra books: Life, Death and Cellos; Bold and Brass; and Continental Riff. We can send them anywhere in the world, so do put your name in the hat! Link below.

Hope to see you this Sunday at 8pm?

Click here for how to join Sunday’s book club discussion.