Signed copies of Continental Riff

My local bookshop, P&G Wells in Winchester, will receive their delivery of Continental Riff copies any time now. Back in 2019, they hosted one of my two launch parties for Life, Death and Cellos for my Winchester friends. The place was packed. We had wine and snacks, and I stood on a box to read so people could see me. We even hugged. Remember hugging? Good grief.

This year, no launch party. But you can still get your hands on a signed copy of Continental Riff, if you’d like one. I’ll be visiting P&G Wells in a few days to sign some, and would be delighted to dedicate one to you personally. 

Contact P&G Wells to order your copy, and let them know if you would like a personalised one, together with any particular message you’d like. 

Alternatively, you can telephone P&G Wells on 01962 852016.

 They also have an online book order form.

In addition, they are on the new online network