The Prize Racket

Hello. I have been pathetically quiet here, for which I apologise. BUT I haven’t been idle. The fourth novel in my Stockwell Park Orchestra series is called The Prize Racket, and will be published on 20th January next year. My wonderful cover designer, Clare Stacey at Head Design, has again done a brilliant job:

Screen Shot 2021-09-22 at 11.18.23

As with the other books, this one follows straight on in time from the previous book. The orchestra has returned from their European tour (described in Continental Riff), and they start the new term in September not knowing what is about to hit them.

I’ll let my publisher describe it, because they are much better at blurbs than I am:

After a brief and disastrous Resident Poet episode, Stockwell Park Orchestra is invited to take part in a TV competition for classical music. For a £50,000 prize some competitors are tempted to stretch the genre to ‘crossover’ and beyond.

Can a full concert orchestra compete with jazz bands, horn quartets, harp ensembles, and Mrs Ford-Hughes singing in Portuguese with nine cellos? Or will the competition be derailed by the poet’s return, this time sporting live Ambient Sounds? The TV producers aren’t worried: they know a good fight means great ratings.

What was supposed to be a quirky diversion threatens to take over the orchestra’s rehearsals for their own concert, but discovering a voting scam means they must fix things in the TV studio first.

You can pre-order The Prize Racket here, if you feel like it. There are some familiar characters who reappear in this book, plus of course a few new ones. I can’t deny I enjoyed writing the poet. And that’s all the clues I’m giving.

I’m waiting to hear from Farrago about whether they want me to write a fifth book in the series, so my sales figures have never been more crucial! You’re most welcome to tell your friends and family, and any musician you think might enjoy the series.

Thank you!