Ebook bundles

Hello. We’ve just about made it through this year, and probably the less said about it the better. To take our mind off it, my publisher Farrago has just opened its own online shop where you can get any and all of the funny books they sell. Including mine, but many others too!

If you feel like a late, instantly deliverable present, try their Give A Smile promotions on ebooks. Or if you want any friends and family to catch up with my Stockwell Park Orchestra series before the third book, Continental Riff, comes out next month, they are doing a deal on those too.

Brace yourself for me going into Full Publicity Mode after Christmas to let people know about Continental Riff. If you live in London or the South East of England, you could catch it being advertised on Classic FM, which was brilliant fun to be involved with and may get its own post where I can fangirl properly about hearing Simon Kane say my name over and over again in different ways.

Wherever you are, I hope you enjoy a peaceful Christmas and a much improved 2021.