Book giveaway

by isabelrogers

cover_rogers_defAs it’s National Poetry Day next Thursday 28th September, I’m going to celebrate by giving away five copies of my collection, Don’t Ask. It’s the first NPD that has come around since it was published, and I thought – why not?

If you would like a signed copy, dedicated either to you or someone else (who mentioned Christmas?), leave a comment or tweet me by 9pm on Sunday 24th Sept, so I can send them out in time for you to receive it by National Poetry Day. If more than five people want one, I’ll draw them out of a hat.

If you miss out, I’d be very happy to sell you a signed and dedicated copy anyway. Books are really easy presents to wrap. [Was that subliminal enough?]

Now I’m off to write a poem about how awkward I find selling my own book, but how I got over it eventually.

UPDATE: The winners (pulled from a hat-shaped mug) are @gnarlybole, @cripesonfriday, @MsLupin, @iancritchley4, and (from a comment here, not on Twitter) Jane Angell. I’ll be in touch for instructions. Thank you all!