by isabelrogers

It’s Friday. I’m over-caffeinated after a coffee AND coffee & walnut cake, and the sun is shining. I’ve already been told off about this.

Screen Shot 2018-03-23 at 11.20.26

Spring may finally be coming. Feels like it’s been a long old winter, so I thought I’d splat some ridiculously happy thoughts here before existential dread takes over again, as we know it must.

It’s National Puppy Day, apparently. Zig celebrated this by eating half a pack of fig rolls earlier this week, and being a bit sorry.

A Twitter friend said yesterday he was feeling down, which sparked a load of people telling him how much they loved him. As a fishing-for-compliments ruse, it worked well. It did remind me how many friends I have made there, and continue to make. It’s full of people. People are, mostly, brilliant (not to get too Arthur Shappy about things). And the ones who aren’t – well, we can laugh at those.

coffee cakeCake. Did I mention I’d just had some? It was a piece of THIS magnificent creation. I make a lot of cake, because I like to eat it and there’s nothing quite so comforting with a cuppa. Except maybe a fig roll, but owing to the earlier situation I didn’t have any. There are some misguided people who claim fig rolls are of the devil. Do not listen to them, no matter how agitated they may get in the comments.

I recently did some proper cello practice because a pianist friend was visiting and we thought it would be great to play something together. I am VERY out of practice, but we played The Swan and some Bach and even though I’m worse than I was as a teenager it was fun and worth doing. I’m still practising, mainly because she was far better than I was and it was embarrassing. It’s never too late.

I have [too] many books to read, piled beside my bed. Instead of feeling guilty about not reading quickly enough, I’m going to relish knowing there are stories waiting for me. They’re not going anywhere. You can rely on a book.

Going to stop here before this gets all ‘every day in every way I’m getting better and better’ and I turn into some sort of lifestyle guru. The only advice I can give usually involves jokes, hugs and cake. But it’s not a bad philosophy.