A High-Choir Act

by isabelrogers

I know we have more worrying things to think about right now, but a little good news can’t hurt. If we’re stuck inside self-isolating, we’re going to need something to take our mind off it.

What’s better than entertainment? Free entertainment, that’s what. And even more splendid for our wandering apocalyptic attention span, something shorter and snappier than a whole novel.

May I present a new, standalone short story set in the same world as my Stockwell Park Orchestra novels: A High-Choir Act.

A High-Choir Act cover

[I wrote this blurb myself. I’m quite proud:] When not conducting Stockwell Park Orchestra, Eliot Yarrow can be found singing baritone. But in one performance of Spem in Alium by Thomas Tallis, even he isn’t prepared for what can happen on a church balcony in the name of art. Forty singers and an audience that isn’t afraid to get involved: what, as they say, can possibly go wrong?

You get this because there’s a gap between publication of my second Stockwell Park Orchestra book (Bold as Brass) and my third (title still secret I think), and my editor and I didn’t want you to wander off thinking we had forgotten about you. Book Three will be published next January. You will not be able to escape me banging on about it nearer the time.

Meanwhile, here’s a link to a free short story, A High-Choir Act. Tell your friends. Sing a bit of Tallis. Enjoy yourselves.