Radio interview news

by isabelrogers

This coming Saturday (26th September) I’m the guest of writer Antonia Honeywell on her Chiltern Voice Book Club radio show. It runs from noon until two o’clock every Saturday, and is based on a Desert Island Discs format of the guest choosing some music and having a chat.

Chiltern Voice is an online community radio station. It doesn’t archive its shows, so if you want to catch me you’ll have to listen live at noon on Saturday. Here’s a link. Please be assured I was flailing my arms in a Kermit manner throughout, even though you can’t see it. Neither could Antonia, as we had to do this over Zoom and, while we were recording, we turned off our video feeds to concentrate bandwidth on the audio. Zig – snoozing by my side during the whole thing – ignored me, flails and all.

It’s a pop station, so we didn’t get into choosing relevant classical bits from my books, but I hope you might like some of my picks. I did spend a while at the start of the interview apologising for all the things I’d had to leave off the list. It’s hard.

[I’ll soon have more news on exactly when Continental Riff, the third Stockwell Park Orchestra book, will be published. I know it will be some time in January. The cover will be ready to share soon.]