Poem for ‘Spray Painted Bananas’

Emily Benet (@EmilyBenet on Twitter) asked me to write a poem for one of the characters in her serialised novel Spray Painted Bananas. She’d done all the hard work, but needed her romcom hero to have written a poem to the heroine. The whole plot hinged on this at the end. No pressure then.

Emily is currently a guest blogger for Mslexia, and confesses the whole collaboration process we had here.

I came up with an acrostic on the heroine’s name, Amber. Emily seemed to like it. It went in. Here’s my poem, but I heartily recommend you read the whole novel: it’s on Wattpad here.

Alone was not intense before we met.
My words – old friends – abandon me to this:
Beyond a friendship suddenly, and yet
Enduring to the point I yield. One kiss
Risks all. No kiss: I’d lose all but regret.