And then there were three

by isabelrogers

First: an apology. I intended this blog to be regular bits of silliness we could all enjoy, not a one-way forhorn for news. Recently, I have failed. Maybe Brexit has worn me down. I promise to try harder … meanwhile, out of the silence, I have news.

It has been a busy year. The first Stockwell Park Orchestra book (Life, Death and Cellos) was published in January; the second one (Bold as Brass) in July. I deliberately didn’t start writing a third before I knew how the first two were going, so I didn’t jinx anything.

breaking news

Happy to report that superstition worked, and my Farrago editor Abbie Headon has asked me to write a third instalment.

This will not please the anonymous Amazon Customer who thought there was ‘literally nothing funny’ about Life, Death and Cellos. My mistake. I should have aimed for An Equal Music vibe and cut the jokes. I’ve grown rather fond of this review:

Screen Shot 2019-10-09 at 13.06.13

Thank you to everyone who has bought copies of the first two, because I certainly wouldn’t have got the chance at a third if you hadn’t. This time I think I’m going to send the orchestra off on tour somewhere. It’s time they got out of London and into scrapes elsewhere. I guarantee mayhem.

So, hurrah for lovely editors! We aim to publish the new one in Autumn 2020, or earlier if I can write at terrific speed.

Loads of time to catch up on the first two, if you haven’t already … info on Farrago site here.